Tuesday, November 18, 2008


"Whoever says I love you the most will live forever." ~ Kiki Dekel

Kiki, Abba, and I were playing the "I love you" game the other day, when Kiki decided the rules would be "whoever says I love you the most will live forever". I thought this was so profound for a 3 3/4 year old (just ask her how old she is, she'll tell you). It's true, isn't it? The people with the most open hearts do live forever in the spirit of those they touch.

Kiki also declared that because she has "two grandmas, Savta and Meemaw, I am a very lucky girl". She is lucky, and so are we for a countless number of reasons.

One of those being a recent visit from Savta and Saba from Israel. It was so nice to have them with us- Kiki reveled in the constant attention- and to have the chance to connect and talk in person. We love when family comes to stay, and Saba and Savta are a lot of fun to have around as you can see from the pictures!

Another reason we consider ourselves lucky, beyond blessed actually, is that, God willing, we will be expanding our family in the Spring. Another baby girl no less!!!
It's been a really good couple of months with trips to the beach with our neighborhood family, and a trip to Disney world with Meemaw and our cousins, and, of course, our visit from Savta and Saba.

And, we have more family to look forward to over Thanksgiving when my Uncle Glenn and Aunt Jane are coming up, and then in December, Amir's Uncle Hanoch, Aunt Shoshi, and their children Mickey and Ronnie will come!

So very lucky...

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