Tuesday, June 23, 2009

First Born

Making the decision to have a child- it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body. ~ Elizabeth Stone

After a challenging pregnancy, and sleepless few months post-pregnancy, I'm ready to start blogging again.

Before the memories of my two beautiful daughters begin to blend together, and before Bella gets the larger share of posts since I am home with her most often, I wanted to take a chance to reminisce about Kiki, Mikayla Ainsley Dekel, my first born, the child who truly opened my heart, shattered it actually, and who is growing wildly before my eyes.

Kiki the Baby
She was vivacious from day one. I remember taking her with me to an appointment with the Doctor who delivered her, and he told me she was the most alert baby he'd ever seen. I believe she was 4 weeks at the time. Cheerful, studious, beautiful, and also from birth fought sleep. Too much to see, do, miss I suppose. She was such a happy baby! I'm going to resist comparing the two for now...

Kiki the Toddler
Fearless for sure. She almost never cried, cries really. It's true, she fell right on her face one day running full speed down a VERY steep hill at about 18 months, completely scratched up one side of her face and body, and not a peep came out of her.
Kiki just got right back up and started the trek again. She would beg to go down a huge water slide at the pool over and over, and was climbing EVERYTHING starting at a year. She's been dressing herself since about then too, and definitely has always had her own opinions. "I can do it my own self" was her mantra. She loves to be with her friends and her family, and still just so full of life.

Kiki the Little Girl
Breaks my heart a little. She is growing up so fast, the last year is a blur to me. I don't see any baby left in her. She is smart, friendly, a little tiny bit mischievous, creative, imaginative, FULL of energy, and she loves her parents and her sister (even if she is jealous, and, yes, she is) and her friends. She is loyal way beyond her years, completely devoted to two friends especially. One who she has known since she was an infant and one since she started school. Like all children I suppose, she loves to play, revels in attention, has a whole range of emotions, and is pretty good at sharing them. The addition of baby does affect her, and we can only hope to navigate with care these uncharted waters and keep the one of a kind personality thriving.

I love this child.

I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings, and heaven knows I am SOOOOO grateful for today. Thank you for this family. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!


Crystal said...

Love it! Welcome back to the blog world!!

Fuel55 said...

How in the world did you marry someone so ugly? Thank god the kids got your genes.

OhCaptain said...

Welcome back! Keep this post and let her read it some day down the road. It's just awesome!