Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Report Card

Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one. ~Malcolm Forbes

Hi everyone, it's Abba here. I just wanted to share with everyone how proud we are of our little Kikster.

Yesterday was the Parent Teacher Conference at Kiki's school and we got to hear about her progress from her teachers. We obviously see how amazing she is on a daily basis, but it's always great to hear it from someone else, especially when they get to observe her in a different environment. Unfortunately I had to miss the actual meeting, but I was very excited to read the meeting summary.

They cover things like Kiki's emotional, social, cognitive and physical development as well as language and judaic skills. She is doing great on all fronts and is a polite, loving and caring little girl who expresses lots of affection for her peers and tries to help her classmates stay out of trouble. She is very curious and has a strong desire to learn new things. She speaks in complete sentences, asks relevant questions and gives and receives information effectively.

Kiki has really shown a lot of improvement since the last time we spoke to her teachers. She is such a happy and smart girl and we just love her so much!

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