Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I think this is funny!

The person who knows how to laugh at himself will never cease to be amused. ~ Shirely MacLaine

Amir, his family, and I have always gotten a kick out of the English spelling used on signs in Israel.

So, Amir, taking pity on my sadness from having been abandoned ;-), sent me a few funny pictures from Israel.

At first, you might not notice the misspellings, but just check out what is supposed to be "Entrees", "Cheese", "Pickles" and "Fries" on a menu. Mmmmm. I'll have the assorted fires! It is funny!

And, how do you like the computer delivery service. Hysterical.

By the way, everyone I have ever met from Israel speaks better English than I do, and most speak English, Hebrew, and some other languages as well. My "educated" self only speaks English, and not very well at that!

However, when I was visiting my in-laws in September I did run to the drug store on my own, and needed some help finding something from one of the store clerks. The guy I chose (from Russia) to try and help me did not speak English, and was running around trying to find someone who did. He found the one Israeli girl who was not fluent in English.
The guy started yelling at her. From the little Hebrew I understand, it went something like this "You are Israeli! You should speak English! You need to help this girl! What is wrong with you!"

She looked at him like he was crazy and told him to go take some English classes himself.

I love the passion.

Kiki did talk to me today after a long drought. Amir called me on the speaker phone in the car on the way back from the beach and visiting friends, and Kiki started singing me a song.

It went something like this: "I love my Mommy! Oh, happy day! I love my Mommy! Oh, happy day!"

I sang back to her: "I love my Kiki! Oh, happy day! I love my Kiki! Oh, happy day!".

She issued some instructions on my not having the correct inflection for the song and perhaps not the right words, but before I could correct myself, Amir pulled the old "I'm driving into a parking deck" excuse and we were cut off ;-D.

On my side of the pond, I had a lovely dinner with two of my very close friends (thanks for entertaining me Susana and Allyson) and then had to go by Walmart at midnight to buy industrial strength fans because my A/C is broken upstairs. IT IS 96 DEGREES UP THERE! My bedroom sounds like it's going to take off...

Finally, something did get accomplished today, though not exactly by me. The latest investment property project is complete officially today. I'll put up some pictures in my next post.

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