Monday, July 7, 2008

1 Not So Very Eventful + Some So Very Beautiful Days

Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone. The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials. ~Lyn Yutang

I had big plans for today-things to accomplish, tasks to mark off the list. But, pretty much all I got done is dropping off my wrecked new truck at the repair shop and picking up the rental car (plus a little tiny bit of shopping).

The truck was damaged last week as Amir and I, involved in a lively conversation, backed out of a parking spot and into another car. OK, so I was driving, and, yes, the conversation was mostly a one-sided diatribe concerning his parental responsibilities while in Israel in the areas of vegetable supplies and pool safety.

You will see from the pictures that my lecture may have fallen on deaf ears (note absence of water wings and presence of ice creams ;-D), or perhaps he has temporary amnesia resulting from the accident.
In all seriousness, she could not be in better or more loving hands, and I only having trouble sleeping because I miss them so much.
No matter, they are having a BLAST!!!! Every morning I wake up to a wonderful summary of the days events and a ton of pictures. There are pool trips, beach trips, trips to the zoo, visits with every member of the family, cousins spending the night, Grandparents oohing and ahhing over my baby girl (which they gleefully share with me when we talk on the phone), and so on and so on!

Kiki is so busy, in fact, that she is not returning my phone calls ;-D. In consolation, though, Amir assures me she does miss her Mommy.

I must admit I'm terribly sad about not being there, but am thrilled that Kiki and Amir are having such a fabulous time. What more can you ask for for your family????

Check out Amir's blog for more details and videos- yes, guest writing on my blog was not enough, and so he has started his own, quite charming I must say, Abba blog!

Hopefully, tomorrow, contractors will finish their work, banks will follow up on offers made, and Mommy's will get to work organizing a house in desperate need of organization.

Until then...

P.S. Crystal, can't you just hear Kiki saying "cheeeeeeeeeeeessseee" in all these pictures :-D?

And, last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ITAY!!!

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ccjamesphotography said...

Yes - I can hear the cheese! You have to teach her to say PICKLES instead! :)