Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sophie Spends the Night

If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good. ~ Dr. Seuss

The girls have been asking us for another sleepover, so Kiki had Sophie come spend the night on Friday. We started off the evening with a trip to Lorraine's house for a children's mani/ pedi. How lucky we are to have the toddler charmers (aka the Loomis') just a few houses down!
Let me backtrack for a second to Thursday night when my husband decided to become a lawn guy and got a terrible allergic reaction to something outside and spent the night in the ER. Turns out it was a spider bite and his toe now looks like a three-fanged monster took a nibble out of it. Check out his blog for the whole saga. Thankfully, thankfully, thankfully, he is fine.

So, as I mentioned, after Amir recovered, we were ready for Sophie's visit. First came the nail painting, then we had a make your own pizza party, followed by a video, bedtime story, and finally, sleep!

The girls nearly came to blows over what movie to watch. Kiki wanted Caspion, Sophie wanted Ariel. Both ocean creature stories- don't see what the problem was! They decided on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
Other than that, they got along famously and generally teamed up on Abba and I. You'll see from the video all the fun names they came up with for Amir, and during my attempt to read them Fancy Nancy at bedtime they pretty much went nuts. I'm sure I was jumped on at least 45 times.

Kept reading though- I can't think of anything more fun! Really.
After the story attempt, Amir and I left the room to let them sleep. Of course we hear some giggling, more jumping, some talking, then some yelling (for Abba- when did I become second choice again???), and then some crying.

We ran up, Kiki insisted a REAL person sleep on the air mattress with her, and Abba obliged.

They both fell asleep shortly thereafter, and we didn't hear from them again until the heart stopping "COCK-A-DOODLE DOO!!!!!!!!!" we were awakened with in our ears in the morning. It was soooo funny even at 6:39 am.

Saint Amir got up with them and let me sleep in a little. Then, Meemaw came over, we met the Balzuweit's for lunch, and sadly gave them back their daughter.

A great evening for great friends, and we look forward to next time as much as Kiki and Sophie do...