Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Adult Culture

If it’s too loud, you’re too old. ~Ted Nugent

It wasn't too loud! We went out last night to celebrate Crystal's birthday and ended up at the Dark Horse Tavern singing karaoke with a live band. We had so much fun!!! Not as much fun as the amorous couple that spent the evening next to us, but a good time none the less.

You'll see from the pictures everyone took a turn on stage (except me since I value my friendships and didn't want to damage anyone's eardrums). Scroll down for a video of Crystal's performance. The girl can sing!

Granted there were a few let's call them interesting performances (the Beat It rendition comes to mind), but the band was amazing and mostly it was rock n roll.

At midnight, the time we promised Rhiannon we'd be home to relieve her of babysitting duty, Crystal was texting her (how modern of us) and asking for permission for us to stay out.

Rhiannon told us as late as we want, so we closed down the bar (where the wine selections were white or red), and left hoarse and deaf. It was about 1 pm today when my hearing came back.

Turns out Rhiannon had a musical night herself and spent 3 hours playing Guitar Hero :-D.

Here's Jeff singing Come On Feel the Noise.

And, Amir singing White Wedding.

We showed Kiki the videos from last night, and you'll see her version of Hit Me With Your Best Shot below.

The best for last!!!

Thanks for a great night James'!

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Eric said...

no wonder we haven't had dinner yet, you're very busy. You really are chosen now. love, ec