Thursday, April 3, 2008

Taking Flight

"What is your heaviest burden?" asked the child. "To have nothing to carry," answered the old man." ~Source Unknown

My good friend, Susana, started an email chain between the neighborhood girls of "old" pictures of ourselves. This prompted me to have my mother bring over my childhood photos among which I found my paternal great-grandmother's eulogy. The speaker discusses at great length how many in their twilight years spend their time just waiting. My great-grandmother was not one of them. She was a photographer, a lawyer, a mother, grandmother, and civil servant. Her life was full despite near complete blindness and many health issues.

I believe that parents, of young children especially, also may fall into the waiting trap. In my own life, transitioning from a career woman to a stay at home mom, though immensely important and satisfying, was difficult. I have found it hard to balance keeping my life full and interesting while still focusing on the far more important needs and development of my daughter.

We have playgroups, play dates, lunch dates, music class, and school and, of course, some work with real estate. All of these keep us busy, entertained, but...

SO, to add some excitement, I have decided to take up flying!!! After coming down with a bad case of fear of flying a few years ago, the passion I have for traveling took a backseat. For my family's sake, and for my own, I want to overcome it, and also to get a few rushes of adrenaline. My first lesson is next Friday (also my beautiful sister in law's birthday).

In the spirit of Susana's picture sharing and learning to fly, here's a picture of Amir during his time in the Israeli Army's Flight Academy.


Sophie Lilly Maggie said...

Is this really Amir? The picture says 62' - unless I am reading it wrong, which very may be :-) S

Sophie Lilly Maggie said...

ok - so I was reading it upside down :-)

Anonymous said...

This is Amir in real size.... skinny and with lots of hair. This picture was taken about 20 years ago.... time flies when you're having fun!!
I can't believe you are starting to fly! This is so cool... soon you'll buy a plane and hop on to visit!! Can't wait!
Thanks for the compliment regarding my beauty.. :-)
I love this blog, we log in allot with the kids. Kiki is a doll and you all look so happy.
Love & kisses