Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Braves and Billy Goats

The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned. ~Maya Angelou

Eric B. got lucky last week at work and won four tickets to the Braves game last night, 7th row behind home plate. Amir and I joined him and Allyson for the evening while Lorraine and Rhiannon watched the children.

We started out at STATS for what we thought would be a quick dinner and drinks, but turned into a storm watch. We were happy for the short diversion and joined everyone at the bar watching the news and waiting for the second tornado in history to hit downtown Atlanta (it didn't). In between drinks, we also fielded multiple calls from Meemaw warning us of the imminent danger :-D.

The storm passed and off we went to the game where Eric and Amir tried their hand at pitching- sadly, no scouts came calling. Amir, not being from these parts, had to ask Eric how to hold a baseball. It was very cute.

Ever the gentleman, Amir was hauling around my piece luggage that I call a purse, and the ticket taker told him he was sure he could find some shoes to match at Macy's. Funny!

We had such a great time! Meanwhile, back at the Balzuweits, Sophie and Kiki got manicures and again Kiki declared that I do not have a future in nail polishing.

During the last inning, a player from the Mets was injured. The game was over, the Braves had won, but no one left their seats until he was back on his feet and off the field. I'm no expert in baseball etiquette, but I do know something about southern manners, and was really touched at this display of respect.

Which reminds me of a sign I saw posted the other day at the front of the neighborhood of our newest rental property (see picture). This struck me as very, very funny, but also made me feel nostalgic. I grew up passing farms on my way to school- they aren't there anymore- but after college lived in downtown San Diego and then Manhattan. I'm glad I found my way home where somebody is still going to go looking for a missing billy goat.

The only thing we need is water...

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