Sunday, May 25, 2008

Kiki's Last Day of School

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.~William Butler Yeats

Kiki’s last day of school was Friday, and we celebrated with a luncheon in her class and a trip to the park that included a magic show. She has had the same teachers and many of the same classmates for a year and a half- pretty much since she started school- and we are a bit sad to finish this year.

Kiki has grown and matured so much, and I want to acknowledge her very caring and devoted teachers (I’m not sure they would want me to mention their names, so I won’t, but they are terrific!).

I can see how much she LOVES her teachers by the way she interacts and talks with them. She is so curious and has a real passion for learning, which thrills me, and I know that has been cultivated during her time at school. I see such potential in this child, as does every parent, and hope the fire inside her only grows bigger.

We have to put so much trust in others who care for, and in turn influence, our children out of our sight. I couldn’t be more grateful that Kiki’s teachers encourage the students to be who they are while also being respectful and kind. And as much as the students love the teachers, it’s obvious the teachers love the students as well. Any time a story about Kiki’s (or any of the kids’) day is shared with me, I can see a genuine joy in the storyteller.

Kiki is also very lucky to have had a classroom full of bright and charming children that she calls her friends. We are delighted to have found such a wonderful school, and look forward to summer camps and the next school year. Change isn’t always easy, but it can be exciting, and I am sure she (and we) will adjust just fine.

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